Enhancing Structural Integrity with STRUCTApanel 9mm

Project Completion Date: 2024

Project Highlights

  • STRUCTApanel H2 9mm used as bracing and impact resistance in a recent modular construction to replace 6mm OSB due to bowing issues.
  • Customer required a panel that was highly durable and came in 3metre lengths. STRUTApanel is made with the same cutting-edge technology & high-quality raw materials as STRUCTAflor.
  • STRUCTApanel H2 9mm is a high density panel that is bracing certified using nails, screws and staples, and primarily designed for wall panelling. Featuring a superior nail, screw and staple holding capacity, it is treated for termite resistance and is available as a flat sheet.
Enhancing Structural Integrity with STRUCTApanel 9mm

Project Overview

Modular construction has become increasingly popular for its ability to accelerate project timelines, reduce costs, and minimise environmental impact. One critical aspect of modular building design is ensuring structural stability and meeting building code requirements.

In a recent modular construction project, STRUCTApanel 9mm was employed as a bracing solution to address the unique challenges posed by modular structures.

The ease of installation and versatility of STRUCTApanel allowed for a seamless integration into the modular construction process. The sustainability features of STRUCTApanel, backed by Chain of Custody and Green Tag Level A certifications, align with the customer's values and support their dedication to sustainable building practices.
Enhancing Structural Integrity with STRUCTApanel 9mm
Project #65

The Project Requirements

One of our valued customers is the leader in the Australian modular industry, having designed and constructed over 500 projects spanning residential, health and aged care, education, infrastructure, retail, hospitality, sports and the community sector.

They were searching for a product to use as bracing under plasterboard for a recent modular construction project. The decision to use this high-density panel stemmed from the need to address bowing issues associated with 6mm oriented strand board (OSB). After evaluating various options, the choice fell upon STRUCTApanel H2 9mm.

STRUCTApanel's comprehensive approach to environmental sustainability, encompassing recycled content, certified forestry practices, Green Tag Certification, and a commitment to circular processes, made it the ideal choice for the customer's environmentally conscious project. By selecting STRUCTApanel, the customer not only benefits from superior building material but also actively contributes to a more sustainable and responsible construction industry.

The Solution

STRUCTApanel 9mm structural panelling stood out as a versatile and robust solution for bracing within this modular construction project. Engineered to deliver exceptional strength and stability, STRUCTApanel offers a superior alternative to conventional bracing materials, such as OSB and plywood. STRUCTApanel has gained recognition in the construction industry for its innovative design, superior performance, and a strong commitment to ecological responsibility throughout its lifecycle.

Another hallmark feature of STRUCTApanel is its certification for bracing applications when used with nails, screws and staples. Rigorous testing and evaluation make it an ideal choice for enhancing the structural integrity of modular buildings. With certifications from recognised regulatory bodies, STRUCTApanel ensures compliance with industry standards and building codes, instilling confidence among architects, engineers, and project stakeholders.

The STRUCTApanel solution is a simple but effective range of pannelling - making it the ideal choice for your next project.
Project #65
Project #65

Capabilities and Benefits

STRUCTApanel H2 9mm is a high quality, moisture resistant structural bracing panel for timber framed construction that resists splitting and delamination.

  • High surface resistance: Double the surface impact resistance of plywood and 9 times greater than plasterboard
  • Highly durable: Made with the same cutting-edge technology & high-quality raw materials as STRUCTAflor
  • High fixing capacity: Ability to screw directly into sheet
  • H2 Termite resistant to enable the use in all regions of Australia (North and South of the Tropic of Capricorn).
  • Faster project completion
  • Bracing certified using nails, screws and staples.

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