The crucial role of adhesion strength in timber flooring underlay

In this article, we will delve into the significance of adhesion strength of STRUCTApanel H2 12mm used for timber flooring underlay and explore the factors that influence it, ultimately highlighting its vital role in ensuring the integrity of the entire flooring system.
The crucial role of adhesion strength in timber flooring underlay

Timber strip flooring is a popular choice for its natural aesthetic and durability, but its success is contingent upon the stability and integrity of the underlying support structure.

Timber flooring underlay is the essential layer between the subfloor and the timber floorboards. Its primary purpose is to provide stability, insulation, and a smooth, level surface for the flooring to be installed upon.

Timber flooring underlay may not be the most visible part of your flooring project, but it plays a vital role in its long-term success. Adhesion strength, the underlay's ability to bond securely to the timber strip flooring, is a critical factor that can impact the overall performance and durability of your timber floor. By choosing a high-quality underlay and following proper installation procedures, you can ensure that your timber flooring not only looks great but also stands the test of time. Don't underestimate the importance of this often-overlooked component in your flooring project – it's the foundation that makes your timber floor shine.

Adhesion Strength: The Backbone of a Reliable Underlay

The adhesion strength of flooring underlay is of paramount importance when installing timber strip flooring. Timber strip flooring, characterised by its elegant and timeless appeal, relies heavily on a stable and secure base for longevity and performance.

A strong adhesion between the underlay and the timber strips ensures that the flooring remains securely in place, preventing unsightly gaps, warping, and squeaks over time. Furthermore, a robust bond between the underlay and the timber provides additional sound insulation and insulation against temperature fluctuations, enhancing the overall comfort and energy efficiency of the space.

A high adhesion strength in the underlay not only preserves the structural integrity of the timber strip flooring but also contributes to its aesthetic, acoustic, and thermal qualities, making it an indispensable consideration for any successful installation.

STRUCTApanel H2 12mm Adhesion Strength

STRUCTApanel H2 12mm panels provide a smooth, uniformly thick, solid base free of knots, voids or grain which means they can be bonded to timber strip flooring with a glue adhesive, which spreads easily and evenly over the panel surfaces for greater tensile bond strength and without any sanding required.

In this video, ATFA (The Australasian Timber Flooring Association) award-winning Grant Ferris Flooring demonstrates the incredible adhesion of timber strip flooring to the un-sanded surface of STRUCTApanel H2 12mm. To find out more about this project Click here

STRUCTApanel H2 12mm is a high-density particleboard underlay engineered to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of timber strip flooring installations. It is constructed with precision, using sustainably sourced materials, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

The key features of STRUCTApanel H2 12mm include its consistently flat surface with no internal delamination which gives it exceptional adhesion strength.

When it comes to choosing the right underlay for your timber strip flooring, adhesion strength is a critical factor to consider. STRUCTApanel H2 12mm excels in this regard, providing the reliability and durability needed for a long-lasting and high-performing flooring system. 

STRUCTApanel H2 12mm is Australian Made from sustainable certified plantation forestry, and easily sourced with strong sales support throughout our national supply partners.

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